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Our Programs
College Advising Program
  • 100

    TOEFL/IELTS prep classes
  • 80

    college advising and peer-to-peer classes
  • $9500

    per year
  • Initial selection of 50 programs, and compilation of a final target list
  • Compilation of a guidebook with details of final target programs and a comparative table of universities (for example, nine universities in the USA and three in Europe and the UK)
  • Development of a personal and professional brand plan using LinkedIn (emphasis on quantity and quality; for instance, 12 publications a year, three recommendations from mentors, 10 interests/groups, and résumé information)
  • Correspondence with 20 graduates of selected universities via LinkedIn, and addition of them to the student’s network
  • Correspondence with admissions committees from 12 universities, amd registration and participation in 12 webinars/virtual tours from admissions committees of selected universities
  • Realization of an extracurricular project: volunteer, business, or research project; online course at an Ivy League university;or an online internship with a mentor from an international company
  • Preparation of the internship mentor’s final recommendation
  • Addition of the internship details to LinkedIn
  • Addition of a mentor recommendation to LinkedIn
  • Preparation for passing primary tests in English (TOEFL/IELTS/Duolingo)
  • Drafting of the final versions of all mandatory and additional essays and motivational letters for 12 selected universities, without limitation in volume and quantity
  • Drafting of three mandatory and two additional recommendation letters
  • Compiling Common App, Coalition App, and UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, UK) profiles, as well as profiles on universities’ internal portals
  • Development and submission of additional applications for university scholarships
  • Interview coaching, covering what students need to know before their interview, and including mock interviews
  • Correspondence with admissions committees, and additional management and support throughout the whole process up to matriculation (if necessary, sending additional documents, essays, and financial forms; payment of a deposit; submitting dormitory application; and selection of courses)
  • Support in obtaining a visa and coordinating logistics of a flight to the USA, the UK, or Europe, considering the current vaccination requirements
  • Assistance with signing a rental agreement for a dormitory room or with renting/buying a separate apartment
  • Preparation for moving (what you need to know about financial literacy before moving, interpersonal communication skills that you’ll need during your studies, what you need to know about creating a daily routine, what you need to know about nutrition and diet, how you can learn to manage your time)
  • Consultations on mental health during student’s time in school, including how to rest properly during preparation for college and while studying
SAT/ACT prep
  • 60 classes

    Weekly math and English classes with SAT/ACT tutors
  • $4000

    per year
Career Guidance Program
  • 30 classes

    with career consultants and peer-to-peer mentors
  • $3000

    per year
  • Initial selection of 50 job vacancies, and compilation of a final target list;
  • Development and crafting of a final résumé
  • Development of a personal and professional brand using LinkedIn
  • Drafting of all necessary cover letters
  • Drafting of all necessary recommendation letters
  • Interview coaching, covering what students need to know before their interview, and including mock interviews

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