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Your pathway to the world’s best universities and careers

Salary boost
Application success

Milestones Education mentors will help you at every stage of your journey.

Whether you want
  • to study at one of the world’s leading universities,
  • transfer from one university to another,
  • or get a lucrative job offer abroad

Mentors will:
  • Develop
    an individual admissions and/or employment strategy for you
  • Compile
    a list of potential universities and companies
  • Help
    you develop a résumé and portfolio of projects, internships, and creative work
  • Help
    you improve your grades and pass entrance exams
  • Act
    as mentors to guide you in writing essays and cover letters
  • Introduce
    you to key people who can help advance your education and career
Manage and support
you through the entire application process—from submitting documents and résumés through the university admissions letters and job offers you’ll receive
Milestones mentors consider the personal characteristics, interests, and ambitions of each student and each family - so that the process of seeking admissions or employment is not only effective, but also interesting and enriching.
2022 Success Stories

Shambhavi Thakur

India, Milestones alumna, Class of 2022; student at City University of London (London, UK)
  • “I got into all universities I applied to!”
    I did get into all the places I applied to. I think mainly it was because I prepared so much for the American schools with the Milestones team that I was able to apply easily to the British ones. I definitely noticed that British universities didn’t require my whole background. They wanted to know why I wanted to study, and what my motivation was.

    They do clearly have their guidelines; what they require. Now, I’m finally going to the United Kingdom, to the City University of London. One of the main reasons I chose it is because it’s part of the University of London. There’s a lot of creativity, and you get to connect with other campuses, professors, and students.
  • Also, it’s very globally recognized. I found the perfect course [major], and not many universities have it. It’s an international political economy course. I want to focus more on economics and international politics; that’s perfect for me, that’s exactly what I was looking for.
    I got into all universities I applied to, including Northeastern, the University of Richmond, UCL, City University of London, and Wake Forest University.

    Quick Tips: “Don’t focus too much on the exact university at the beginning; start writing and drafting your essays. If you are a freshman right now, engage in extracurriculars. Those matter a lot: things you can add to your CV to make it more appealing to universities. Don’t be afraid to ask for help at Milestones!
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